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Company Culture:

Numen’s vision: to be the leader in China furniture industry

Numen’s vision: to be the leader in China furniture industry

Numen’s values: to create wealth for the society, to make the employees realize their values

Numen’s team: to cooperate with each other, superiority to break diamond

Numen’s rules: system comes first, leading the second

Numen’s responsibility: be responsible for yourself, be responsible for your family, be responsible for your company, be responsible for the society

Numen’s spirits: concentration, never yield, never give up, discipline is essential for all success

Numen’s work style: self sacrifice to achieve the goal of enterprise, no excuses, never say die

Numen’s brand concept: morality creates good quality, good quality creates famous brand

Numen’s integrity: people-oriented, credit first, seek truth and steadiness, quality comes within

Numen’s sale principle: customers first, aim at meeting customers’ needs

Numen’s management concept: to realize that a fine horse dashes without a horsewhip, to construct a simple workflow

Company’s core beliefs:

Talent hiring: recruiting talented people, develop together, new blood is our motivation

Top material: strict selection, keep improving, intention is our attitude

Wealth management: sophisticated financing, brand strategy, win-win is our target

Splendid: all fantastic, new image, excellence is our pursuit

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